What We Do?

Core Priorities

Strengthening Local and Education Governance

Local governments in Nepal are the hopes for transformation after they have given better legal and financial rights through Federal Constitution of Nepal 2015. We have partnered with different local governments and supported them in overall planning with a primary focus on quality education and safe learning environment for all.

Basic and Secondary Education (up to Grade 12) falls under the jurisdiction of local governments. A synergistic engagements of all the stakeholders like schools, parents, students, local leaders and education officers can create the possibilities of right-tracking the whole education system that has been much derailed.

Economic and Political Empowerment of Women

Economic and political empowerment need to go side by side for a holistic growth of women and marginalized communities. Political empowerment paves the way for them to move ahead whereas economic empowerment acts as a vehicle to move through that way. We have done series of programs and initiatives for political empowerment of Women and disadvantaged groups in initial days of our establishment which were really productive. Now we are more shifting our focus on economic empowerment of women with the realization that we already have the highways now, but we need a proper vehicle to move along those highways.

Promoting Green Accountability

Accountability is the harmonized balance between rights and duties. We envision green accountability as a proper balance between social, economic and environmental rights and duties.

We are the generations that must be the engines of green accountability and green governance. Being responsible to green nature and environment has no alternative. The Foundation is doing many green initiatives through community engagements. Ice Stupa Project, Green Vegetation through local women, Local Rivers Cleaning Campaign, Plastic ban through school children are to name few.