The 3E Model: Connecting Education to Entrepreneurship and Envisioning Green Accountability

Videh Foundation works on the convergence of three ideas- education, entrepreneurship and environment, also known as the 3E model. Education that promotes entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship that supports education and both education and entrepreneurship that helps people be vigilant about their environmental footprint.

Education for us denotes a discernible shift from the traditional schooling system- from crippling assignments to an open sphere which encourages ideas and nurtures them to concrete outputs. We aim to embed the environmental entrepreneurial spirit into young souls and foster them as they grow up. It has been wisely stated, the skills we remember at the end of our school term is the essence of a successful education system. Our happy school project aims primarily to impart education to the 'outsider' section of children in Kawasoti and progressively build up through higher education apparatus.

A specimen undertaken to promote entrepreneurship is the formation of Dhaka Weaving House, which aims to promote financial independency of women in that area. It is the first of many initiatives aiming to strengthen the capacity of local groups. Along with this, we are also dedicated to uphold ecopreneurship i.e. entrepreneurial ideas directed towards sustainable address to environmental problems.  The recent set up of ice stupa in Mustang is one of many efforts towards realizing our rights and duties concerning our immediate environment.

As a preliminary step, the targeted groups are presented with entrepreneurial trainings, resources and opportunities. The revenue from this is directed towards better education of the children of that area. All the while, environmental concerns run in parallel i.e. the projects and education both aim towards promoting a sustainable lifestyle with minimum damage to the environment. As such, entrepreneurship education exists to encourage people to take up ideas and give it a concrete formation, at the same time directing the effort towards sustainable environment and community development, which is the driving force behind this group.

The effort of education and entrepreneurship are jointly directed towards realizing our involvement with social, economic and environmental rights and duties. We are referring to this phenomenon as 'green accountability' whereby every child, young person and adult realise their part in keeping up with the environment. It seeks a holistic approach without any watertight compartments in terms of economic, social and cultural strata to urge an overall commitment for the growth of the community as a whole. 

The Videh Foundation believes in individual and communal progress by taking the community along with it in the same stride. We seek for a healthy exchange of ideas and resources among us to procure ideas that benefit us all. No human being can progress on their own, and it is only fitting that we give back to the community as much as we can- be it in terms of education, training, honing a skill set or preserving the atmosphere around us.

We are fully cognizant of the fact that we may not be able to change the world at once, but we are definitely certain in our perseverant efforts to bring upon a change in our periphery to begin with, continuing to spread ripples farther out with each new attempt.


  • Advocate Komal Baral