Linking Education to Entrepreneurship is actually the need of the time. Almost everyone (except few) would explore for jobs after the completion of their basic education level. We all are aware that there is a huge gap between the creation of jobs and the demand of jobs in the job market, giving a plateaued rise to the ‘joblessness situation’.

We envision to have more job givers and not only the job seekers in the market so that gradually there is a balanced and harmonized job market.


Videh Foundation has established a Dhaka Production House for the local women in Bote Tole Kawasoti. 27 women were first provided a four month long training on weaving of Dhaka fabric. Upon the completion of the training, now they are producing the Dhaka shawls, scarves, mufflers, saree, shirts on their own and VF facilitates them to connect their products to local as well as international markets.

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