Message From Co-Founder

Message From Co-Founder

Welcome to our e-platform of communication.

I am incredibly joyful to showcase Videh Foundation and our works to you all. We have a unique journey with a very deep realization of how social governance functions by integrating and coordinating with the multiple stakeholders in the most strategic manner.

The harmonized synchronization between education, entrepreneurship and environment is what I prioritize at the core of our initiatives that ultimately leads us to be “green accountable”- a synergy of accountability created between people, economy and environment.

“Duty over Right” and “Intention over Action” are two major mantras for me that can actually transform the business-as-usual and right-track us in many ways.

I genuinely look forward to collaborate with various sectors and partners in order to match our priorities and materialize a ripple effect of our social initiatives.

                                                                                                                                                                                                  -Raghav Pratap