Women turning to Entrepreneurs

Women turning to Entrepreneurs after the Training

During June, 2019, Videh Foundation initially provided a 4 month long Dhaka Weaving Training to 27 local women and young girls in collaboration with UNESCO Kathmandu and Kawasoti Municipality. After they were skilled to make handmade scarves, shawls, shirts, handkerchiefs and others, it was really crucial to have that passion and zeal retained among them and more importantly transform the learning into sustainable chain effects.

For this, Videh Foundation envisioned to make a Dhaka Weaving House for these women. The House where they can come and weave the handmade products on their flexible time(s). These products are then linked with the targeted market by the Foundation. This whole concept was possible with the help from many individuals and local government but the lead fundraising was possible because of a German-based charitable organization CharityClubber.


This House shall not just be limited for Dhaka products, but we have plans to add other indigenous skills to the local women here so that they can make variety of products and in long run can develop into a very beautiful souvenir shop for the local as well as national market. Also, an online platform shall be used to promote and sell their products to bigger cities of Nepal and also amongst the international tourists and guests visiting Nepal.

Similarly, Videh Foundation in collaboration with Green Chwadi Nature Retreat has signed a MoU where an open Indigenous Kitchen shall be run by these local weavers and the guests visiting to the nature retreat shall have one evening meal in their kitchen along with the cultural dances and showcasing of other traditional lifestyles.