We believe social just is the underpinning factor for holistic justice and harmony. Equity within the distribution of and access to resources can promote justice among people.


Ethics should be enshrined and pragmatically reflected in all public service delivery systems. It is the foundational start to balance the demand side of the people and supply side of the state.


Opportunity to empower should be accessible to everyone and must be need-based. Linking to the opportunity and strengthening the capacity to reap the benefits of opportunity is our foucs.


Right over a particular domain naturally creates some degree of duty. Videh envisions right and duty as two sides of the accountability equilibrium.

Our Missions


Our vision is that people and government can work together to bring sustainable social, economic and environmental transformation that we all dream for.


Our mission is to practice and promote the culture of “living and giving” to make a harmonized balance within the individual, communities and the planet as-a-whole. We envision our generations to be the engines of “green accountability”.


  • Effective collaboration with the concerned local governments
  • Having community in the forefront of initiatives and implementations
  • Promoting and engaging corporates to contribute in greener societies and economies
  • IEC resources and campaigning
  • Creating synergies through youth leadership
  • Art, Music and Sports as means of creating harmonies and collaborations



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  • 3000+

    Women and Men Empowered

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04 February

Construction of First Ice Stupa in Upper Mustang

Construction of First Ice Stupa in Upper Mustang Ice Stupa | Upper Mustang

06 December

Installation of first Ice Stupa in Nepal

A synergistic collaboration of Lomanthang Rural Municipality, CharityClubber, Himalayan Institute of...

09 October

Inauguration of Dhaka Weaving House

A training turning to a sustainable women entrepreneurship model; this social initiative collaborate...

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Welcome to Videh Foundation

Our Timeline

    Donor: National Vigilance Centre


    Training on tracking and combating Corruption in public offices

    Donor: Embassy of Switzerland in Nepal


    Increasing Participation of Madhesi Women in the Constituent Assembly and Work for Realistic Approaches

    Donor: Planet Finance, France


    Foster the marketability and competitiveness of the Nepalese SME Sector to enhance exports to the European Markets

    Donor: UN Women


    Training Programs on Electoral and Peace Processes for Grassroots Women and Women Leaders

    Donor: The Asia Foundation


    Coalition of Constituent Assembly Support-II

    Donor: Embassy of Switzerland in Nepal


    Ensuring Rights and Concerns of Madhesi Women in New Constitution of Nepal

    Donor: Embassy of Switzerland in Nepal


    Advocacy Training Program for Women on Major issues of Nepal’s draft constitution.

    Donor: Embassy of Switzerland in Nepal


    Talk and Tour on Federalism for Madhesi Women

    Donor: Embassy of Switzerland in Nepal


    Learning Local Governance in Federalism: The example of Bihar

    Donor: Embassy of Switzerland in Nepal


    Political Empowerment of Women: Learning from Bihar

    Donor: UN Women


    Gender Sensitive Electoral Process in Nepal

    Donor: Jagaran Nepal


    Effective Representation of Women of Madhesh in New Constituent Assembly: Role of Political Parties and Civil Society

    Donor: UNESCO Kathmandu


    Dialogue Series on roles and challenges of local elected government for implementation of Basic and Secondary Education rights and policies

    Donor: UNESCO Kathmandu


    Development and Dissemination of IEC Materials on localizing SDG 4 in Nepal.

    Donor: VSO (Volunteers Services Overseas)


    Stocktaking of SDG4 in Nepal- Reflections, Progresses, Gaps and Way Forward

    Donor: UNESCO Kathmandu


    Disseminating Life-Saving Messages through Schools in flood-affected areas

    Donor: UNESCO Kathmandu


    Save the Girls; Send the Girls to School

    Donor: UNESCO Kathmandu


    Dhaka Weaving Training

    Donor: Office of Cottage and Small Industries, Saptari


    Dhaka Weaving Training

    Donor: UNESCO Kathmandu


    Workshops for Female Parliamentarians of Province 2 on Gender Mainstreaming in Teachers’ Education for Policy Makers and Planners

    Donor: UNESCO Kathmandu


    Localization of SDG 4 in Nepal